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Ballerina Necklace Blue Opal


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.925 Sterling Silver Necklace
Height: 40mm or 1.6 inches
Stone Type: Blue Synthetic Opal
Comes WITH 20″ Sterling Silver Chain

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Ballerina Necklace Blue Opal
Comes WITH 20″ Sterling Silver Chain
1.7mm – Sterling Silver Cable Chain


.925 Sterling Silver
About 40mm or 1.6 Inches


FUN Google Facts:

Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century. Noblemen and women were treated to lavish events, especially wedding celebrations, where dancing and music created an elaborate spectacle. Dancing masters taught the steps to the nobility, and the court participated in the performances.


The history of ballet begins around 1500 in Italy. Terms like “ballet” and “ball” stem from the Italian word “ballare,” which means “to dance.” When Catherine de Medici of Italy married the French King Henry II, she introduced early dance styles into court life in France.
Ballet historians consider one of Beaujoyeulx’s entertainments, the Ballet Comique de la Reine, to be the first ballet. It was a magnificent spectacle of about 51/2 hours performed in 1581 in honour of a royal wedding.
La Fontaine, also called Mlle de Lafontaine, (born 1655—died 1738), French ballerina and the first woman professional ballet dancer.


Amazing Ballet Facts:
1. One ballet dance lasts on average of four hours.
2. Together, male dancers’ tights stretch across the length of the stage and back just over three times.
3. A ballerina wears 50 to 150 tutus in her lifetime.
4. One ballet performance can take up to 5,000 hours of practice.
5. Combined, ballerinas jump 900 feet into the air during performances.
6. A ballerina’s dedication to her craft can last longer than her physical ability to perform.
7. A ballet studio has 400 planks of wood.
8. The studio’s wood floor is best maintained by using a 17″ floor buffer monthly.


Ballerina Necklace Blue Opal


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