Violin Carbon Composite Outfit


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Carbon Composite Violin is high quality with a Big Booming and Warm Sound.
Nicely made shaped case, with blue velour interior.
Carbon Composite materials
Violin Carbon Composite Outfit
with Custom Tailpiece


Their new Carbon Composite Violin is high quality, with a big booming and warm sound.  Yet the carbon composite makeup ensures it will be durable and resistant to temperature changes.


  • Carbon Composite materials
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Nicely cut wood bridge & sound post
  • Carbon fiber fittings
  • Ebony pegs
  • Choice of Custom Fine Tuner Tailpiece
  • Carbon fiber bow with mother-of-pearl detail
  • Quality fitting ABS pegs
  • Steel strings
  • Nicely made shaped case, with blue velour interior, including a blanket, 2 bow holders, 2 accessory pockets & carrying straps
Firstly, Rozanna’s Violins was founded by a classically trained violist, Ms. Rozanna Weinberger. Her belief in music as a means to sensitize children to the world around them has led to workshops at the United Nations for over 1500 children.
Secondly, she has been a guest speaker at Juilliard and panelist at Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, and has served as a music consultant for the Head Start and New York Pops Music Outreach programs.
Also, her unique artistic approach coupled by a vision of what is possible and needed in the string world, led to creating the launch of her own line of violins, Designer Violins by Rozanna.
Finally thehe goal was to provide instruments that inspire creative possibilities for 21st century musician.


FUN Google fact:


The credit for the first violin is usually given to a Cremonese luthier named Andrea Amati who had made his name originally as a lute builder. He created at least two three string violins in the 1540s. He was then commissioned to build one of the first four-string violins by the wealthy Medici family in the 1550s.
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Violin Carbon Composite Outfit


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Proud Members of NAMM.
Weight 6 lbs
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