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Door Harp 5 String


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This 5 String Door Harp turns the door of your choice into a musical instrument.
It welcomes family and friends with a beautiful musical greeting.
Door Harp 5 String
These beautifully crafted door harps turn the door of your choice into a musical instrument. When the door moves, the small sphere-shaped, swinging pendulums strike the strings to produce a wholly unique, ethereal melody. A soothing, relaxing sound, and makes an excellent gift!
walnut/cherry or cherry/walnut by what is in stock 9″ x 11″.
Door harps are home accessory items that welcome family and friends with a beautiful musical greeting. They create a delightful sound each time you open or close the door. They also make great gifts.
Great for the Holidays, Birthdays, and any other Special day!
You can make up your own special day if you want.


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The door harp originated in Scandinavia – primarily in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark – and has evolved over at least three centuries. The original superstition behind the door harp was to repel evil spirits. Now, door harps have evolved to signify luck, health, and prosperity to all that pass through the door! Some estimate these ornaments have been made for as long as 700 years, derived from a few styles of Chinese stringed instruments called the guqin and the ruan.


Some people hang their door harps on the outside of a door to greet visitors or on the wall somewhere near an open window. It is traditional, however, to hang them inside the front door so that music will sound anytime someone comes or goes.
The harp is one of the oldest instruments in the world. It dates back to around 3000 B.C. and was first depicted on the sides of ancient Egyptian tombs and in Mesopotamian culture.


Door Harp 5 String


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