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Ernie Ball Slinky Coasters


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These Ernie Ball Slinky Coasters represent some of the Slinky Guitar String packs that you are already buying.
Get them this unique gift today!

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Ernie Ball Slinky Coasters
6 Pack Various Slinky Style Coasters
Six pack of Slinky Coasters (Super, Regular, Extra, Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, Power and Hybrid) that are packed in a clear PET box.


FUN Google Facts
Who invented coasters in America?
It was here that Robert Sputh patented beermats called bierdeckels in 1892.. These coasters were made from wood pulp, cut in round or square shapes, and were described to have looked like “crackers made of sawdust.”
Ernie Ball Slinky Coasters


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