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Gold Saxophone Pendant Necklace


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This Gold Saxophone Pendant Necklace is beautifully handcrafted in 14K solid gold and comes with an 18″ chain.
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Weight: 5.20 Grams
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This Gold Saxophone Pendant Necklace is Handcrafted in 14k solid gold.
  • Comes with 18″ Chain
  • Weight: 5.20 Grams
  • High polish finish for a mirror-like shine.
  • Accommodates chains up to 3.5mm a very versatile size that can fit most of your chains.
  • Allergy-free – Our yellow and rose gold don’t have nickel in them, white gold contains minimal amounts)
  • Hallmarked for authenticity.
  • Comes in a gift box, ready to be gifted.
  • Shipped straight from the factory to your doorstep.
  • Gold Saxophone Pendant Necklace
Jazz up your style with a gleaming Yellow Gold pendant necklace and proudly depict your favorite musical instrument. This detailed saxophone features a three-dimensional design that is approximately 22.86mm (0.90″) in width by 36.22mm (1.43″) in length, which includes the tapered bail.


In addition, there are four types of Saxaphones, the Soprano Saxophone (highest pitched) and the Alto Saxophone (most common beginner instrument) and the Tenor Saxophone (common choice, especially in jazz) and the Baritone Saxophone (lowest pitched).


For instance, Charlie Parker is often cited as the greatest saxophone player in history. 


Some FUN Google Facts regarding the history of the Saxophone:
Firstly, The first saxophone was patented by Antoine-Joseph Sax in Paris in 1846. A saxophone has a conical metal (originally brass) tube with about 24 openings controlled by padded keys; the mouthpiece is similar to that of a clarinet. Two octave key vents allow the instrument to overblow to a higher register at the octave.
Secondly, The saxophone is only a few instruments in wide use today known to be invented by a single individual. His name is Adolphe Sax: that is why it is called the saxophone. History tells us that Adolphe Sax (1814 – 1894) was a musical instrument designer born in Belgium who could play many wind instruments.
Finally, The saxophone is so central to jazz, the instrument “almost represents” it


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