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Guitar Accessory Assortment Kit


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Guitar Accessory Kit:

Kyser Capo – Play-On Mini Tuner – String Swing Hanger – Dunlop 6501 Polish Kit
(RPM Music Gift ornament NOT Included)

Guitar Accessory Kit comes with 1 each:

(RPM Music Gift ornament NOT included)

Kyser KG6BA Quick Change Capo for Acoustic Guitar

The Kyser Quick Change Capo is the industry leader among capos!
Easy on and easy off.
This premier capo is easily moved from fret to fret with one hand. Its soft surface allows for accurate intonation and reduced fret buzz.

Play-On Mini Tuner

Play-On Chromatic Mini Tuner for Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, or Violin
Display Mode Color LCD
A4 Frequency: 440Hz
Good sensitivity

String Swing Guitar Keeper/Hanger CC01

Made in USA Fits Acoustic and Electric Guitars
The cradle is mounted to a wood block of authentic North American hardwood, handcrafted by local Amish craftsmen.

Dunlop Guitar Polish Kit 6501

Bodygloss 65 Cream of Carnuba
-Made of the highest grade carnuba wax, this special formulation polishes, protects, and beautifies.  It hides and seals surface cracks while it protects a smudge free, moisture and stain free barier.
Formula 65 Polish & Cleaner
-This formula removes wax buildup, dirt and grease, while it polishes and protects the clear coat finish on your guitar.
Weight 1.5 lbs
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