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Hangable Fuzzy Dice


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These Hangable Fuzzy Dice bring back memories of a time of innocence and nostalgia.
You’ve got to get these for yourself.
Before we run out.

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Hangable Fuzzy Dice


For instance, hang them from your music stand, your guitar stand, your night stand, your mirror, your bedpost, or any other safe place.


Available in White with black dots or Black with white dots.  Make your selection in the Notes section of the check out in the shopping cart.
Or, send us an email at info@rpmmusicgifts.com 


Comes with a 12″ hanging cord.
In addition, it’s a great way to add flair to your vehicle.


  1. In the 1940s and 1950s, no serious hot rod was complete without a set of fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror.
  2. After that, fuzzy dice are a symbol of retro flair or amusing schlock.
  3. Believe it or not, there is history and symbolism behind those innocuous-looking fuzzy cubes.
What do Fuzzy Dice have to do with music? (Today, almost every car can play music somehow)
– However, the designer stereos available in today’s cars—be they luxury sedans or cheap sporty coupes—have 80 years of development behind them. In addition, think about the landmark advancements in car radios that evolved into today’s iPod hookups and satellite radio.
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History of Fuzzy Dice
The use of fuzzy dice is believed to be traced back to American fighter pilots during World War II. Pilots would hang the dice above their instruments displaying seven pips before a ‘sortie’ mission for good luck.
However, after the WWII pilots returned home, the tradition of carrying dice for good luck was translated into hanging them from your vehicle’s rearview mirror, and the fuzzy dice meaning continued to be for good luck. Finally, this was a trendy thing to do in the post-war boom, and it caught on quickly.
Hangable Fuzzy Dice


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