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Irish Whistle Flute – Silver


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Irish Whistle Flute
C Key
aka Ireland Flute or Tin Penny Whistle
6 Hole Flute

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Irish Whistle Flute
Key of C
Color – Silver
Is also known as an Ireland Flute, or Tin Penny Whistle
6 Hole Flute – Musical Instrument
Watch this YouTube video to for a beginning lesson on how to play this instrument:
Some History of the Irish Flute:
Traditional music is a significant part of Irish culture. Although the Irish flute is a traditional Irish instrument, the flute itself is not native to Ireland and was only introduced to Ireland in the mid-1800s by the English.
Flutes were initially made from bones and then wood. By the time the flute was introduced to Ireland by a German inventor called Theobald Boehm, he had made the first flute out of silver.
The Irish people preferred the mellow tones of the old wooden flutes and chose to play those. This is a great way to get started before investing in an expensive alternative.  It’s also great fun for kids and adults alike!
There have been several changes between original flutes and the current Irish flutes we know and love today. Most notably, an inventor called Charles Nicholson Jr made lots of positive advancements to the traditional wooden flute.
An Irish flute is a cylindrical wind instrument that is traditionally made from wood, but the flute is made of metal with a plastic mouthpiece in this case.
This traditional Irish style flute has six holes, of which you cover with your fingers to change notes. The mouthpiece on the top is to blow into to create resonance, and the hole at the bottom is where the air and sound come out of.
Depending on how many of the finger holes you have covered, the air will resonate differently inside the flute and produce a different note.
Get yours today.  It makes a great gift for birthdays and holidays and Just Because!
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