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Skull Lovers Rocker Pendant


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This Skull Lovers Rocker Pendant will make the perfect Birthday or Valentines or ANY Occation gift.
Don’t miss out of this .925 Sterling Silver pendant.
NO Chain

Skull Lovers Rocker Pendant

NO Chain
925 Sterling Silver
This Pendant can be worn as a Necklace or Charm as well.  Use it as you like!


Firstly, it has a Heart Shape.
Secondly, it has two Lover Skulls facing each other.
Thirdly, it’s just Frigg’n Awesome!!


FUN Google Facts and Findings:


Above all, Pendants are derived from the primitive practice of wearing amulets or talismans around the neck. The practice dates from the Stone Age, when pendants consisted of such objects as teeth, stones, and shells.
For instance, The earliest necklaces were made of natural shells or stones. These were replaced by fashioned beads, which have been found in prehistoric grave sites. The ancient Egyptians routinely made beads of glass and glazed pottery and would fashion these items into necklaces. An ancient Egyptian pendant with an eye of Horus.
However, Think of pendants as statement accessories, something that the eye will immediately be drawn to. In certain cultures, pendants could be considered objects with spiritual value. The evil eye symbol is a great example of a pendant that has spiritual meaning.

During different time periods jewelry influenced society and how societal changes affected the fashion for the masses. When we talk about most classifications of jewelry, they often can be traced back to ancient times. When we look at rings, earrings and necklaces, they can reveal the periods in which people lived. For example, rivière necklaces or girandole earrings in mine-cut diamonds or rose-cut diamonds or a mix of gemstones or paste defined extremely popular looks of the Georgian and Regent period with their closed back foiled settings and stones that glowed in candlelight. Those styles spanned the 18th and early 19th centuries. But, pendants and pendent necklaces date back even further, all the way to ancient times.
There is also jewelry that dates back 25,000 years and were worn as talismans or amulets by a variety of civilizations which also used them for healing, spirituality and protection. These talisman pieces evolved into what we now call pendants or charms and evoke diverse symbolism and meaning. However when we think of pendant necklaces, we often think of the late 19th and early 20th centuries when different styles evoked different movements in fashion, culture and art, and ultimately the ability of the general public to wear jewelry styles once only reserved for royalty or the upper crust.
Skull Lovers Rocker Pendant


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