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Sterling Treble Clef Earrings


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These Treble Clef Earrings are .925 sterling silver and will wear beautifully.
Buy them for a loved one, friend, or best yet, buy them for yourself.
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Sterling Treble Clef Earrings
.925 Sterling Silver Treble Clef Music Note Polish Filigree Swirl Spiral Earrings
Height: 24mm or about 1″
Fun Google Treble Clef trivia:
The Treble-clef or G-clef symbol originated by using the letter G, representing G above middle C.
And that “treble” clef comes from Latin “triplus” meaning third. Because of this, in writing for 3 voices, the top voice is referred to as the third voice (treble).
A treble clef is a symbol that you use when writing music in order to show that the notes on the staff are above middle C.
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The treble clef is the most used clef in Western music notation. It primarily notates musical notes above middle C. The treble clef is shaped like an ornamental letter G, and its inner curve surrounds the note G4 that falls above middle C. For this reason, the treble clef is nicknamed the G clef.


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