Treble Clef Spoon – Rose Golden Color


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Beautiful Rose Golden Color
Spoon with Treble Clef
It’s Shiny. 

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Rose Golden Color Treble Clef with the benefit of a Spoon
You are looking for a gift for someone that has everything.  And you are looking for something affordable?  But must be looking for something beautiful. But you are looking for something stylish but practical.  You found it!
Beautiful spoon with Treble G Clef at the top.
And Great for your morning coffee!
So Hang it on the tree this season, or on a wall, and display it so all can see.
This beautiful featured Spoon with a Treble Clef is of a Rose Golden Color and is a perfect table decoration, wall feature, or spoon to stir stuff with. You decide!
You will not be in “treble” when you gift this gorgeous rose golden color Spoon to a family member, and friend, and school teacher, or other music lover.
Remember their Birthday, or Graduation, and Valentine’s Day, and Easter or other Celebrations so this Spoon with a Treble Clef would be an ideal gift at an affordable price.
It’s made of metal and it’s shiney.

How did Treble Clef get its’ name?

One thought is: The treble clef is shaped like an ornamental letter G, and its inner curve surrounds the note G4 that falls above middle C. For this reason, the treble clef is nicknamed the G clef. Many instruments—including the trumpet, violin, guitar, and oboe—read music off the treble clef.
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