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Trendy Rocker Skull Earrings


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After a few decades of rock and punk, wearing a skull has become not only a symbol of rebellion but a symbol of survival.
925 Sterling Silver
Rocker Skull Earrings
Trendy Rocker Skull Earrings
925 Sterling Silver


Copied from a Google search fingings:
Firstly is:

Why is rock obsessed with skulls?

“My first awareness of the use of skulls in rock music came with my exposure to the album covers and posters of The Grateful Dead in the late 60s. If there are earlier examples, I’d be delighted to hear from anybody who can enlighten me. I know for sure that Stanley Mouse designed a poster in 1966 for the Dead’s September 16 – 17 shows at San Francisco’s Avalon Ballroom.”

However, It features a skeleton whose skull was crowned with roses. It’s not too much of a stretch to understand why Mouse would come up with the skull as an appropriate image for a band called The Grateful Dead. But why it has taken off and been appropriated by bands including Pearl Jam, Guns n’Roses, AlexisOnFire and Avenged Sevenfold, and how it crossed over from there to be adopted/adapted by The Pogues, Hayseed Dixie and even – gasp – Cher as a suitable emblem with which to design their albums and, presumably, help sell their products, is a mystery.

In addition, Skulls in art history
For instance, We know that skull imagery has been prevalent in the art world for centuries. The fifteenth century Dutch painter Lucas van Leyden, created a painting of St. Jerome which showed the sainted chap handling a skull. And Shakespeare’s Hamlet (around the same time) had that Prince Of Denmark himself talking to the skull of his deceased chum Yorick. 19th century artist C. Allan Gilbert’s painting All Is Vanity is a trompe l’oeil showing a beautiful woman seated at a mirror. But her reflection is revealed to be part of a huge skull when viewed from a few steps behind her.”
Secondly is, why do rock bands use skulls? After a few decades of rock and punk, wearing a skull has become a symbol of rebellion. And a symbol of survival.


Finally is, What band has a skull? Unveiled on their live double album. Steal Your Face in 1974, the Grateful Dead logo comprises of a grinning skull and a lightning bolt. Often termed as the ‘stealie’ logo and originally used to mark the band’s equipment, it was designed by sound engineer Owsley Stanley and rendered by art director Bob Thomas.
Trendy Rocker Skull Earrings
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